Chapter 388-60 WAC

Chapter 388-60 WAC

Last Update: 3/30/01

Domestic violence perpetrator treatment program standards

WAC Sections

388-60-0015 What definitions apply to this chapter?
388-60-0025 What is the purpose of this chapter?
388-60-0035 Must domestic violence perpetrator treatment programs be certified?
388-60-0045 What must be the focus of a domestic violence perpetrator treatment program?
388-60-0055 What must be a treatment program’s primary goal?
388-60-0065 What steps must a treatment program take to address victim safety?
388-60-0075 What must a treatment program require of its participants?
388-60-0085 What requirements apply to group treatment sessions?
388-60-0095 May a participant be involved in more than one type of treatment while enrolled in a domestic violence perpetrator treatment program?
388-60-0105 What requirements does the department have for treatment programs regarding nondiscrimination?
388-60-0115 Does a program have the authority to screen referrals?
388-60-0125 What rights do participants in a treatment program have?
388-60-0135 What information about the participant must the treatment program keep confidential?
388-60-0145 What releases must a program require a participant to sign?
388-60-0155 Must a treatment program keep information provided by or about the victim confidential?
388-60-0165 What information must the treatment program collect and discuss with the client during the intake process or assessment interview?
388-60-0175 Who may complete the intake process or conduct the assessment interview?
388-60-0185 Must the program compile a written document based on information gathered in the intake/assessment process?
388-60-0195 Must the treatment program develop an individual treatment plan for each participant?
388-60-0205 What must a treatment program consider when developing an individual treatment plan for a participant?
388-60-0215 Must a program require a participant to sign a contract for services with the treatment program?
388-60-0225 What must the treatment program include in the contract for each participant’s treatment?
388-60-0235 Must a treatment program follow an educational curriculum for each participant?
388-60-0245 What topics must the treatment program include in the educational curriculum?
388-60-0255 What is the minimum treatment period for program participants?
388-60-0265 What criteria must be satisfied for completion of treatment?
388-60-0275 What must the treatment program do when a participant satisfactorily completes treatment?
388-60-0285 Must a treatment program have policies regarding any reoffenses during treatment?
388-60-0295 Does a program need guidelines for discharging participants who do not complete treatment?
388-60-0305 Who must the program notify when the program discharges a participant because of failure to complete treatment?
388-60-0315 What are the minimum qualifications for all direct treatment staff?
388-60-0325 Must a program notify the department when new direct treatment staff are added?
388-60-0335 Who is considered a trainee for domestic violence perpetrator treatment programs?
388-60-0345 May a trainee provide direct treatment services to participants?
388-60-0355 Do treatment programs need a supervisor?
388-60-0365 Who may provide supervision of direct treatment staff in a domestic violence perpetrator treatment program?
388-60-0375 Must a supervisor always be on the premises of the treatment program?
388-60-0385 Must the treatment program have staff supervision policies?
388-60-0395 What are the requirements for staff orientation?
388-60-0405 What are the continuing professional education requirements for all direct treatment program staff?
388-60-0415 Is a treatment program required to cooperate with local domestic violence victim programs?
388-60-0425 Does a treatment program need knowledge of the domestic violence laws and justice system practices?
388-60-0435 What is the process to apply for certification of a treatment program?
388-60-0445 What is the application fee for certification?
388-60-0455 What documentation must a program submit before the department may certify the program?
388-60-0465 What happens after a program turns in an application to the department?
388-60-0475 Will a certificate be issued if the treatment program meets the standards?
388-60-0485 What happens if a treatment program does not meet the standards?
388-60-0495 What records must the department keep regarding certified domestic violence perpetrator programs?
388-60-0505 How often must a domestic violence perpetrator treatment program reapply for certification?
388-60-0515 What must a program do to apply for recertification of their domestic violence perpetrator treatment program?
388-60-0525 What must the application packet for renewal of the certification of a domestic violence perpetrator program include?
388-60-0535 How does the department decide that a program should continue to be certified?
388-60-0545 Is there a formal process if a treatment program wishes to appeal a denial of certification or recertification?
388-60-0555 Does the department have an advisory committee for domestic violence perpetrator treatment?
388-60-0565 What is the role of the advisory committee?
388-60-0575 Who are the advisory committee members and how are they chosen?
388-60-0585 How long is the appointed term for an advisory committee member?
388-60-0595 May advisory committee members be replaced before their term expires?
388-60-0605 Are expenses for advisory committee members reimbursed?
388-60-0615 Does the department investigate complaints about domestic violence perpetrator treatment programs?
388-60-0625 Who may request an investigation of a certified domestic violence perpetrator treatment program?
388-60-0635 Does the department notify a treatment program that the department has received a complaint?
388-60-0645 May DSHS begin an investigation of a treatment program without receiving a complaint?
388-60-0655 What is included in an investigation?
388-60-0665 Is there a time limit for the department to complete its investigation of a complaint?
388-60-0675 Does the department put the results of the investigation in writing?
388-60-0685 What action may the department take regarding a program’s certification if a complaint is founded?
388-60-0695 Does DSHS notify a treatment program of its decision to take corrective action?
388-60-0705 What information must the department give a program if it takes action that affects the program’s certification status?
388-60-0715 What happens if a treatment program refuses to remedy the problems outlined in the complaint findings?
388-60-0725 What if the director of a domestic violence perpetrator treatment program disagrees with the corrective action decision?
388-60-0735 Does the department notify the person that made the complaint of the results of the investigation?
388-60-0745 What must the treatment program do after notification that its certification has been suspended or revoked?
388-60-0755 What happens if the program has other licenses or certificates?

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